How Do I Check My Subscription?

Check My Office Subscription – After installing and activating Microsoft Office 2016/365 on your Windows computer, you might need to keep checking the activation status of Office Installed to make sure you don’t lose the license of using it on your device. You can check the expiry date/renewal date of your Office subscription by signing in to your Microsoft account.

Generally, a month before the end of subscription, Microsoft starts sending reminder emails to your registered email address for the renewal. Even if you don’t renew your subscription till the expiry date, Microsoft will automatically renew it using your registered credit card information provided during the purchase or last renewal. The auto-renewal feature could be turned off if you want to.

The good news is that even if you forgot to renew your subscription you would not lose your data. It will be saved as it is. As soon as the subscription period ends, your files become Read Only, which means that you can read files but cannot make any changes into it.

How Do I Check My Office Subscription?

Check My Office Subscription

Check My Office Subscription – Expiry/Renewal Date

If you want to check the Office subscription (the expiry/renewal date of Office subscription), you need to sign in to your Office account because applications installed in your device don’t display the subscription period.

You can follow these steps to check the expiry date of your Office suite-

  1. Visit Microsoft Office and sign in to your Office account. It is the same email address and password that you used while purchasing Office.
  2. Go to your Services & Subscriptions page.
  3. Review the details under Services & Subscriptions.
  4. If you see a circle arrow, then your Office subscription is ready for recurring billing (auto-renewal), unless you have clicked to Turn off auto-renewal or cancel renewing beforehand.
  5. The Next Charge info shows you when you’ll be charged next and how much.
  6. The date you see under Expires on is when your subscription will end.

In case you are facing any issue to Check My Office Subscription, feel free to contact Microsoft Office Support. For that, you can try the toll-free number in order to get a technician to assist you with your issues.

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